What Are Typical Airbnb Check-In and Check-Out Times?

A smooth check-in and check-out process is essential for the best possible Airbnb experience. Guests and hosts both need to have clarity on when guests will arrive and depart so they can adjust their schedules if necessary.

Airbnb hosts need to set an expectation for check-in so that they can ensure the property is clean and full of supplies for incoming guests. If a host is going to have guests coming and going often, those several hours between check-in and check-out times are critical.

Guests need to know when they can arrive so they can arrange travel to the property or potentially make alternative arrangements for their luggage if they are arriving in a new city several hours before check-in time. When checking out, they’ll need enough time in the morning to pack their bags and get ready to leave.

Regardless of what times are listed for the property, guests can always communicate with hosts to see if an early check-in, late check-out or luggage drop-off is possible. If you’re a host and you want to avoid these messages, you can include in your listing that check-in and check-out times are not flexible.

When is the Typical Airbnb Check-in and Check-Out Time?

The typical check-in and check-out times for an Airbnb rental will vary depending on the specific listing and host. Some hosts may offer flexible check-in and check-out times, while others may have specific times that guests are required to adhere to.

The most common check-in time for an Airbnb rental is around 3pm local time. This allows the host time to prepare the space for new guests after any previous guests have checked out.

Similarly, the most common check-out time for an Airbnb rental is around 11am local time. This allows the host time to clean and prepare the space for the next set of guests who will be checking in later in the day.

However, it’s best to check with the host of your Airbnb rental to confirm the specific check-in and check-out times for your stay. Most of the host mention their check-in/check-out time in the listing and it’s easy for the guest to see that. Some hosts may offer a flexible check-in/check-out time, other might not.

You can also communicate with the host ahead of time to see if they can accommodate an early check-in or a late check-out if you have any special requests, but please be aware that it depends on the host and their schedule.

It’s important to be respectful of the host’s check-in and check-out times, as they may have other guests arriving or departing on the same day, and they need to schedule their time accordingly.

How Do I Change the Check-In or Check-Out Time For My Listing As a Host?

If you’re a host and want to change the check-in or check-out time of your listing, it’s a simple process.

  1. Go to your listing on Airbnb.com

  2. Click Listing

  3. Click Policies and Rules

  4. Go to Policies

  5. Select your desired start and end times for check-in and check-out

  6. Click Edit

If you don’t see the option to edit your check-in or check-out times. Keep in mind, the option to edit your Check-In and Check-Out times only appears after you have completed the required steps to list your property on Airbnb.

Please be aware that if you have any upcoming reservations, changing the check-in and check-out times will only affect future reservations. Your confirmed reservations will not be impacted by the changes. Also, if you have any instant booking on, guests will be able to book based on your calendar availability, so it’s important to keep that updated.

It’s important to communicate with your guest ahead of time if you are changing the check-in/check-out time, especially if it’s a last minute change or it affects their current reservations.

Also, if you’re making a large change to your check-in or check-out time, it’s always a good idea to check with Airbnb’s policy as it might be not compliant with their policies.

What Are Recommended Check-In and Check-Out Times?

While there isn’t a standard for Airbnb check-in or check-out times, it is recommended that check-in is between 2 pm and 4 pm local time.

The recommended Airbnb check-out time is between 10 am and 12 pm local time.

Most hotels globally do not have a check-out time before 10 am because guests need a reasonable amount of time to wake up, shower, eat breakfast and get their things ready before they depart.

If your check-out time is too early, it could lead to fewer bookings or negative reviews. However, guests should also understand that they need to follow the rules for check-out so that hosts can have the property cleaned for the next arrivals.

As with most things during the Airbnb process, communication between hosts and guests is the key to happiness on both sides.

I hope this helped you figure out what your check-in and check-out times should be for your Airbnb! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

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