The Closest airport to Satellite Beach Florida

Let’s check out the fastest way to fly into Satellite Beach Florida! Melbourne International Airport may be the closest airport to Satellite Beach Florida but it is most likely not the airport you should use for your vacation. (MCO) Orlando international is the most economical airport when it comes to getting to Satellite Beach Florida. With that being said, there are quite a few options when you are attempting to get beach-side!

Orlando International Airport (MCO/KMCO)

Orlando International is the cheapest airport to fly into the Satellite Beach area. That also makes MCO the best airport for getting to Satellite beach Florida.

After landing, you will need to take a 45-minute car ride from Orlando to Satellite Beach. The Orlando International Airport is located in Orlando which is in Orange County.

The Orlando Airport is very spread out. Due to the massive size of Orlando International Airport, you definitely want to pay attention to maps when you are heading to and from the pickup and drop-off areas.

A very unfortunate thing you need to be aware of about the trip from Orlando International Airport to Satellite Beach are the Tolls. The main route from the greater Melbourne area to Orlando is actually a Toll road. The good news is that there is an alternative route that will be about 10 minutes longer but is just as pleasant to drive. The tolls themselves are really cheap too, a round trip should cost under $5 total.

Melbourne International Airport

Melbourne International Airport is a small airport (relative to MCO) located in Melbourne Florida. This airport is closer to Satellite Beach. The problem is that it has a lot of traffic, which can make the travel times similar to Orlando International, even though the airport is really close geographically.

Melbourne International Airport is also much more expensive than Orlando International Airport for flying into Satellite Beach. This is due to it being a smaller airport. Due to the similar drive times and higher prices, this is why we would not recommend using Melbourne International to fly into Satellite Beach.

The Melbourne International Airport is located in Melbourne FL, which is in Brevard County and is about a 40 minute drive to Satellite Beach from the south. – Melbourne International Airport.

Titusville – Cocoa Airport Authority

Titusville Airport, shich is still sometimes referred to as Ti-Co. This regional airport is located in Titusville Florida. Titusville is a small town in Brevard County. The airport itself is around a 50-minute driving distance North of Satellite Beach. I’ve included an embedded google map showing where the airport is located. Personally, I would use MCO (Orlando) because it will be cheaper and have around the same travel time to Satellite Beach Florida.

Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami’s International Airport is located about 3 hours south of Satellite Beach Florida. While this airport is much farther away than Orlando, I personally had to use it during hurricane Nicole when Orlando’s Airport was closed down.

This airport will have very competitive rates, it’s usually cheaper when flying to the Caribbean. Due to that, the travel time from the airport to Satellite Beach Florida is the only issue with flying to this airport.

For your everyday traveler into Satellite Beach, I would use this airport only if you are coming from somewhere internationally, have friends in West Palm Beach or if you need to drop by somewhere in Miami first. The drive is just much longer than Orlando International.

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