What to Include in Your Airbnb Check-Out Instructions

If you’re wondering what to include in your Airbnb check-out instructions, we have compiled a simple list for you that includes an example check-out message that you can incorporate into your guest communications. We will show you how easy it is to write a check-out list that is professional, easy to follow, and will get you closer to becoming a super host!

First of all, let’s talk about timing when it comes to communicating your check-out instructions to your guests.

When Should You Send Airbnb Check-out Instructions?

It is best to send your check-out instructions one or two days before your guest’s departure and have a copy in your home.

People often lose track of what day it is while on vacation, so sending check-out instructions at this time serves as a gentle reminder that check-out is coming up. Also, it allows you to communicate your instructions separately from your house rules and check-in instructions which prevents information overload for your guests.

By having a copy of the check-out instructions in your home, your guests won’t have to pull up their e-mail to check off your list as they are walking out the door. Also, some guests like to plan ahead and will appreciate having your instructions in front of them from day one.

Here is a simple list of what should be included in your check-out instructions.

8 Things to Include in Your Check-out Instructions

  1. Check-out Time
  2. What to do with linens
  3. What to do with dishes and trash
  4. Set the thermostat
  5. Where to leave keys and/or wristbands
  6. Lock the doors and windows
  7. Thank you for staying
  8. Request for review—optional but highly recommended!

Check-out Time

Getting your guests to check out at your designated time is paramount to a great experience for everyone. Your cleaner needs time to thoroughly clean and restock your home before the next guest arrives. Guests who stay past check-out time can hinder your cleaner from turning the home appropriately. In your check-out instructions, include a clear check-out time, if you will be allowing late check-out and penalties for not checking out on time. Most guests don’t want to overstay their welcome, so you shouldn’t have many issues if you are clear in your communications.


Let your guests know where to put the bedsheets and towels at check-out time. Some hosts ask guests to strip the beds and put the sheets in a designated location. Others ask that they be left on the beds. One thing to consider is that it is much easier to see stains/tears in the bedding when it is left flat on the bed. It is a good idea to ask guests to leave towels in the tub or washing machine, as they may be located in several places throughout the home. This will save your cleaner time and insure no towels are left out of the wash.

Dishes and Trash

Most hosts ask their guests to put dishes in the dishwasher when available. You can also ask that they turn the dishwasher on to save time for your cleaner.

Also, it is important to provide detailed instructions on where to leave trash. Excess trash in homes can cause odors that take extra time to eliminate. Trash that is left outside to the elements can attract unwelcome animals and insects, as well as make a mess of your yard.


If your home is located in an extreme climate area, it is important to leave instructions on what temperature the thermostat should be left at when your guests leave. This can prevent overuse of your system which can lead to breakdowns. It also helps to decrease your energy bill.

Keep in mind, your heat should be set to at least 64 degrees in winter to prevent the pipes from freezing.


Let your guests know where to leave any keys and amenity access items (like key cards or wristbands) to ensure all are readily available for your next guest.

Lock the Doors and Windows

This may seem like a given, but guests often assume someone is coming right behind them to clean, and that may not be the case. Also, guests may forget they opened a window to let a little fresh air in and closed it without locking it back. Your cleaner most likely is not going to check if all of the windows are locked at every turn, so reminding guests to lock the windows is appropriate.

Asking for a Review

Do you know the best way to get more bookings on your rental? Have great reviews. How do you get them? Simply ask! Guests are much more likely to leave a review when asked. You can also promise to leave them a review as well. This will help them in booking Airbnb stays in the future. You may also consider explaining the star system with a magnet or sign in your home. Many guests don’t realize that even four stars is not good for your rankings. You want to be getting consistent 5-star reviews to improve your occupancy rate.

Hints and Reminders

Add a few tips in your check-out instructions to help the process go smoothly for your guests. They will appreciate that you put in the extra effort to help their check-out go smoothly. Here are some examples:

  • Make sure you didn’t forget anything.
  • Sign the guestbook.
  • Log off of your accounts on the Smart TVs.
  • Remove food from the refrigerator.

A Few Things to Consider

Consider your cleaning fee when leaving check-out instructions for your guests. If you are charging a high rate for the area, you shouldn’t demand they do too many “chores” before leaving. After all, they did pay for it to be taken care of and most likely will expect special treatment for paying a higher fee. Also, consider the size of your rental. You will need to charge a higher cleaning fee for a 3 bedroom house versus a shared room and this is expected.

Sample Airbnb Check-out Instructions

Be sure to keep your check-out instructions short and simple. Guests don’t want to do a ton of reading on their vacation. List items starting with the most important task and then list items in descending order of importance. This strategy is effective because your most crucial tasks will get the most attention.

Here is a sample check-out list that you can use to format your own.

Good morning Guest,

Thank you for staying with us at our Airbnb. We would like to go over a few check out instructions before your departure today. Following these guidelines as closely as possible will make sure that our next guest can fully enjoy their stay. 

  1. Take out all trash to the dumpster and lock it.
  2. Do not strip the beds. Put used towels in the tub.
  3. Load and turn on the dishwasher.
  4. Make sure you didn’t forget anything.
  5. Lock the doors and windows.
  6. Check-out is 10 am. Late check outs are not allowed.

Thank you again for staying with us and we hope to see you soon!

It is best to keep your list at 10 items or less to avoid confusion unless you are not charging a cleaning fee.

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