How Do You Write An Airbnb Host Review?

Airbnb reviews are an essential part of the process for both hosts and guests.

If you have a high percentage of positive reviews, it is more likely that you will continue to receive bookings from quality guests.

However, negative reviews can be a major detriment to both the host and the guest. This post will help you by providing 10 prompts you can use to leave positive reviews for your guests.

What is an Airbnb review?

Airbnb reviews are short paragraphs that describe things such as the accuracy of the accommodation, the cleanliness of the property, the convenience of the property’s location, and the ease of communication between the host and guest.

After a stay is complete, both the host and the guest have 14 days to leave a review for one another. For hosts, it is best to review the guest quickly after their stay because it adds to your response time and improves your chances of eventually becoming a Superhost.

Why are positive host reviews important?

The Airbnb process requires trust from both parties. Guests are more likely to book with hosts who have positive reviews because they want to know that previous guests enjoyed the accommodation and had the experience they were expecting when they booked. Nobody wants to be surprised by an unclean property or an uncommunicative host, especially when they are in a new city or country.

To help guests and encourage hosts, Airbnb’s search algorithm gives priority to hosts who have a higher percentage of positive reviews. Quantity is also important – the more positive reviews you have as a host, the higher you will appear in the search ranking.

What should be included in reviews?

There are several important things to mention in a host review.

  1. Mention the guest by name to add a personal touch, and include any relevant information on their communication throughout the process and their personality (if you met them).
  2. Write about the condition of the property after they left. Did they leave it in good condition? Did they follow the house rules? Were they respectful of your property and neighbours?
  3. Say whether or not you would recommend the guest to other hosts. If a guest left your accommodation in poor condition or were difficult to deal with, it’s important to note that for future hosts. If you would recommend a guest, that will help that person with future bookings for themselves and could result in repeat guests for you.

What are some examples of reviews I can leave as a host?

If you don’t know where to start or simply want to save time, here are 10 prompts you can use when leaving host reviews.

  • (Guest name) was an excellent guest! They left the property in great condition. Communication was good and I would be happy to host them again. Thanks for staying with us!
  • (Guest names) were great. They left the apartment very clean and tidy. They are polite people and we recommend them to other hosts.
  • It was a pleasure to meet (guest name). He/she was fun, friendly and easy to talk to. Communication was great from the booking inquiry to check-in and check-out. They left my property in good condition. I would be happy to host them again and hope to see them soon!
  • The stay with (guest name) went well. They were friendly and quiet people. They left the property in fantastic condition. It was a pleasure to host them.
  • It was nice having (guest name) and her friends stay at the property. We weren’t able to meet them but they followed the check-in instructions and respected the house rules.
  • (Guest name) was a great guest! Easy to communicate with, friendly, clean and polite. They followed the house rules and are welcome back any time they are in town. I highly recommend them to other hosts.
  • Lovely guests! (Guest name) were friendly and positive. They communicated well and we enjoyed having them stay with us. 10/10
  • (Guest name) was a great person and I’m happy to have met them. There was no problem with the accommodation after they left. The room was clean and they followed our house rules. I would be happy to host them again and can recommend them to future hosts.
  • (Guest name) was an excellent guest! They were friendly, clean and communicative. The property was left very clean and tidy when they checked out. I can definitely recommend them to future hosts. Safe travels, (Guest name) !
  • It was great to host (guest name) ! They are great people who were easy to communicate with and left the apartment in excellent condition. I recommend them to other hosts and would love to host them again sometime soon!

Final Thoughts

Airbnb reviews are critical for hosts. Make sure you leave a review quickly after the guest checks out to help your response time. If the stay went well, leaving positive reviews increases your likelihood of receiving quality guests in the future.

We hope this post was helpful for you on your Airbnb hosting journey. Good luck and happy hosting!

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