Optimize your Airbnb listing using Hearts!

Did you know that wishlist-additions are a Key Performance Indicator for your Airbnb? This means that if you want to get more bookings on Airbnb, you need to have a plan for getting guests to heart your listing. Fortunately, getting hearts is actually really easy!

This may sound like a really difficult task but actually, there are two easy ways to get more wishlist additions on Airbnb! I cover both of them in the video below but you can also watch my quick video on how to get them as well!

Are Airbnb Wishlist Additions important?

As I said earlier, Airbnb Wishlist Additions are a Key Performance Indicator. Due to this, they show up in the Performance tab. To see this,

Opening the Airbnb Performance Tab

  1. Log in to Airbnb

  2. Switch to the hosting side of Airbnb

  3. Click on “Insights”

Once you have that tab open, you can click on Conversions and see your Wishlist information.

This section existing pretty much proves that it’s a valuable metric to keep an eye on. With all of that out of the way, let’s look at how to improve your wishlist addition metrics!

Don’t heart beg in Facebook groups

Heart begging groups

Due to wishlist additions being such a valuable Key Performance Indicator, some people have resorted to creating Facebook groups to “heart swap”. These groups are specifically so you and another host can heart each other’s listings.

While this works, it’s really not a great way to go about it. It’s not very authentic and it’s probably against Airbnb’s terms of service. I would really recommend using one of the methods below because it will have a more positive impact on your listing and not risk Airbnb randomly cracking down on your listing.

Include a Wishlist request in your checkout message

The first method to get more wishlist additions is to include a short request in your checkout message to your current guest. You should always be sending a final message to your guests which will let them know that you are thankful that they stayed at your place, where to leave the key and when to be out by.

This message can also contain a little request to heart your listing so they can find it again! While this may not cause everyone to heart your listing, some people may think about wanting to stay with you again and actually heart it to help them find it again. Other people may heart it to help you out because they enjoyed their stay! It never hurts to ask 🙂

Using responses to get Wishlist Additions

The second method to get more wishlist additions is actually really smart! You actually ask people who are browsing your listing to heart your listing while they are looking it over! This will get you added by people who are just thinking about it but aren’t sure yet.

How do we get Airbnb users to add you to their wishlist? The answer to that is by giving them a reminder when they look over your comments section.

Whenever a guest leaves a review, you simply respond to that review with a message asking them to heart your listing if they want to find it again on Airbnb. Since you already asked the parting guest if they will heart your place in the checkout message, this probably won’t get you extra hearts.

What this actually does though, is show up in your comments section. If you ask every guest, the people scrolling down your comments section will read it and think to heart your listing themselves!

This turns your review section into a full-blown “Heart Reminder Section.” What an awesome way to go about it! Once I found out about this, I wanted to share it with everyone!

I hope this helps you get more bookings!!

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