How to Sync Airbnb Calendar with Google Calendar

For hosts who are looking to manage their bookings, syncing your Airbnb Calendar with your Google Calendar can be really helpful.

This article will show you how to sync your Airbnb Calendar with your Google Calendar. After that, it will cover exporting your Google Calendar into Airbnb if you prefer to do it that way or want to do both.

If you prefer to watch the video explaining both of these processes instead, you can click on the YouTube video above.

Why Sync your Google Calendar with Airbnb?

This can be useful for hosts in a variety of ways.

When you get a booking on Airbnb, it will automatically update on your Google Calendar to help you manage your schedule. If an issue comes up such as a cleaner calling in sick, you’ll be able to have the calendar easily accessible and can cover for her on the dates you need.

Vice-versa, if you want to import your Google Calendar into Airbnb, you can do things such as block off dates via Google. This is particularly helpful if you or your family and friends use the property sometimes and you want to make sure those days aren’t available online.

Importing Your Airbnb Calendar to Google Calendar

Step 1: Go to Airbnb’s website and switch to hosting because their website defaults to the guest view. Once you have switched to hosting, click on Menu and then choose Listing from the drop-down.

Step 2: When you’re in the listing section, click on “Pricing and availability” on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Next click on Calendar Sync below that, and that takes you to this section where you can do everything you need.

If you want to sync your Airbnb Calendar with Google Calendar or Apple Calendar and even VRBO, you can do that here.

Step 4: Click on Export Calendar and copy the URL link that comes up.

This is an iCalendar link that Google, Apple and VRBO can pull information from to update your schedule on their programs. Google updates it everyday, which is super convenient for hosts.

Step 5: After you copy the link, go to Google Calendar. Click on the add symbol on the bottom left side of the screen and go to From URL. Warning: Do not click on “import” for this, make sure you choose From URL. 

Step 6: Next you can simply paste your iCal link you got from Airbnb into the box and click Add Calendar. You can also click on “Make the calendar publicly accessible” if you want to share it with your friends or other people who may be interested in booking specific dates.

Once you do that, your new calendar will be created and you can block off dates, make notes or do anything else you may need.

Pro-tip: This setting is a hidden gem. To make your Google calendar sync even faster with Airbnb, you can go to the URL Check the box next to the calendar and click Save in the bottom right.

Importing Your Google Calendar into Airbnb Calendar

Now let’s take a look at how to sync these calendars the other way. This can be useful if you would like to be able to block off dates on your Airbnb using Google Calendar. This allows you to share the ability with your friends without giving them direct access to your Airbnb listing.

Step 1: Go to your Google Calendar, choose the calendar you want and click on Settings and Sharing.

Step 2: Scroll down to Calendar Settings and look for this iCal link in the box that says “Public address in iCal format.”

Step 3: Copy that iCal link and go back to your Airbnb calendar sync page, where you’ll click on Import Calendar.

Step 4: Then paste your iCal link under Calendar address (URL). Below that, you can name the calendar (I suggest Your Name-Google-Cal to keep it simple) and click Import Calendar.

If it doesn’t work by default and you get an error message, just go back to your Google Calendar settings and click the box “Make available to public.” Then you can return to the Airbnb page and import it again and it will work.

After you import your calendar on Airbnb, you should see the new calendar under Calendar Sync.

And that’s it! You will now have your Google Calendar synced to your Airbnb Calendar, and vice-versa. If you want to sync your calendars with VRBO it’s a very similar process.

I hope this has been helpful, thanks for reading!

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