Keeping In Touch With Your Tenants

Keeping in touch with your tenants is something you will have to do as a Landlord. From leaking faucets to collecting rent you will have to interact with your tenants at some point. Cozy provides a few ways to stay in contact without overwhelming you.


When you list a property on Cozy the potential applicants can contact you through Cozy’s messaging service. This is helpful because you only have to keep up with one method of communication, instead of having to juggle text messages, e-mails, and phone calls.

The e-mail system only works when you have a house listed for rent. For other things like maintenance, Cozy has another way for you to communicate. Cozy’s system will also send you a notification anytime someone tries to contact you through their e-mail system.


Maintenance Requests

If something breaks on your property, Cozy has a way for your tenants to request repairs. All the tenants have to do is select Maintenance in the Menu and then click the Add a Request button. This is where the tenant will wright a message for the landlord explaining what is wrong. From here you can communicate back and forth between the tenants, and update them about the repairs and any contractor visits. You can even upload files or pictures related to the maintenance repair.

Whenever a Maintenance request is posted, all parties are notified. All parties on the lease recieve a notification on Cozy and are a part of the conversation. They will also be notified if there is any new activity.

Maintenance Request

The best part about communicating through Cozy, in my opinion, is that you have everything logged in one place. You will have an electronic copy of every conversation, and every request that happens between you and your tenant. This helps protect both you and your tenant in multiple ways. This will also help you keep a log of all your expenses for things like doing your taxes.

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