Why is my water not getting hot?

If you step into the shower and are greeted by freezing cold water it may be time to look at your hot-water heater. Electric water heaters are pretty simple and almost anyone can diagnose the issues that can occur.

Water heaters can have a variety of issues such as leaks, water temperature, odor, discoloration, and noise. The following steps should be able to help you troubleshoot any problems with your hot-water heater.

Water temperature Issues

There are a few water heater issues that can cause the water temperature to be off. You could be getting no hot water, not enough hot water or water that is too hot. All three of these problems can be really annoying or downright dangerous.

No hot water

If your water is not getting hot it could be one of three things.

  • The hot-water heater is not getting power
  • It may have a tripped limit switch
  • There may be one or more damaged heating element

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Water isn’t getting hot enough

If your hot-water heater isn’t producing enough hot water for you and your family, it could be too small.

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Water is too hot

Your bath water being too hot can be incredibly dangerous for multiple reasons. It can cause scald burns for those not expecting such high temperatures, and it could mean that your hot-water heater is overheating. This can cause damage to your hot-water heater causing it to leak or even burst.

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Discoloration and Odor

Discoloration and odor of your water can effect so many aspects of your life. If you are having this issue I understand that your first thought would be, “I need to buy a new hot-water heater”. This would be the quickest option to go with. But before you do that, I recommend a few cheaper options first.

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Noisy Hot water heater

Hot-water heaters should be seen, not heard. If you are experiencing a low rumbling noise, or high pitched noise, you should defiantly look into it.

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Hot-water heater leaks

If you find that your drip tray is beginning to fill with water, or that you are constantly cleaning up water off of the floor next to your hot-water heater, you may have a leak. This can not only cause your water bill to go up, but it can also cause floor and wall damage depending on how bad the leak is.

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