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Once you finish creating a new listing, it is time to start taking applications! If you turned the ‘Accepting Applications’ option on, Cozy will ask if you want to ‘Syndicate Listing’. If you turn this option on, Cozy will post your listing to and for FREE.

You can also share your Cozy application listing link on your website (if you have one),through a text or email. Another option they give you is to share your listing on social media outlets like Facebook, and Twitter.

Online Rental Applications

Share Your Listing
Accepting Applicants example

Once your listing is ready, and if you choose to syndicate your listing on and, you will begin to receive e-mails from those websites when someone is interested in your listing through Cozy. If you choose to post your link on social media, or send it through email, it will send the interested individual directly to your Cozy listing, and prompt them to create an account. Creating an account will help keep their personal information safe. This also allows them to come back to their application at a later time if needed. All of this will allow the applicant to contact you directly and fill out an application.

Cozy Rental Application Layout

There are three sections to the Cozy application.

  • Co-Applicants (can be skipped if applicant is applying alone)
  • Renter Profile
  • Screening Reports (only if you’ve required a background or credit check)

Once the applicant is finished filling out the application with all required information, the website asks them to review it, certify that the information is correct, and then grant permission to Cozy to release their information to the landlord. As soon as the application is submitted, you will get an email notification.

Receiving and Reviewing Applications

Applicants are able to apply on any device directly from your listing. This makes it easier to access and more convenient for the applicant. The website also allows you to be able to collect and compare applications side by side on Cozy. Overall, the whole application process is pretty simple and to the point.

If you would like to learn about Screening Tools Such As Background Checks And Credit Checks click the link


If you would like to go back to the ‘My Property Management Experience with Cozy’ main page click the link

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