Our old house is now listed on the MLS!

Well, it’s finally a thing! After talking for weeks and getting everything worked out. It is finally listed!

I think the most stressful part of this process so far to me was the Property Condition Disclosure Statement (PCDS). With a newer house, this would be pretty simple but I had to state the conditions of a lot of items that aren’t broken they are just older. Since old doesn’t count as a defect.. I didn’t think listing it made the most sense but it did cause a lot of questions to come up because I wanted to make sure I filled it out correctly.

After the PCDS was filled out my agent did his thing. As soon as it hit the MLS it was also listed on Zillow.com and Realtor.com which is nice to see.

One problem I have is that the house is 2100 sq/ft but only 1600 sq/ft of it is heated and cooled. My agent listed the house as 1600 sq/ft, which is correct but then he added a statement saying that the size had to be verified and not all of that was heated and cooled. The statement would make sense if we had used 2100 sq/ft… So he is headed out there with a tape measure ASAP so we can get that fixed.

So far the house has 95 views on Zillow and 5 saves. I’m hoping we see some offers soon. Thanks for joining me through this adventure and I’ll update you guys as things continue to happen.

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